Wednesday, September 27, 2006

v-phone for Vonage VoIP service

Vonage, the leading VoIP service has come out with pretty interesting device known as v-phone. It is a tiny, bright orange colored device attached to your key chain which you can take with you any where and connect to any internet connected PC (obviously broadband) and start making calls through your own vonage account. I love this idea.

I called the customer service and only problem that you have to purchase other plan. I am using Vonage VoIP service but I can not add it on to my existing service and have to buy another plan which is not right. But otherwise this idea is pretty cool.

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Price: $39.99


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Sudha (Su) Jamthe said...

I am Vonage user, but didn't know about it. Like a calling card, only better! Its neat! I love the selection of cool technolgies and how you summarize them in few lines with a picture, neat!

Keep them coming!